About Blast

At Blast, we are all about bringing broadband internet to places that are often left out of the loop when it comes to quick and affordable connections. We are a small ISP which allows us to give a more personal level of customer service This also lets us have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to finding the right solution for our customers.

Wireless Broadband

We using the latest wireless networking technology to build our own broadband network capable of connecting people to the internet no matter where they live.  Currently we have coverage on much of the south Taranaki region. Our network is built in such a way as to offer quick download (currently up to 10MBit)  and upload speeds (currently up to 5MBit).

Phone Services

We also offer a phone solution that allows you to cut the copper and switch your phone services over to a VoIP (Voice over IP). This means you have no physical land line and you are able to take advantage of great calling rates to anywhere in New Zealand and the world.